This blog, MisMarissa, is about my personal journey into photography, my recent unemployment and job search and generic stuff I find of interest.

Having been unemployed for the last 6 months, I am currently seeking full time employment in the San Diego Metro area.  My professional areas of expertise include Program Management, Supply Chain, strategic planning, proposal development, engineering documentation and finance. I have a relentless drive for problem solving by way of gathering and collating huge chunks of data into easy to understand charts, graphs and reports.  No matter if your organization is small or large I would love to help with a pressing project deadline.

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Personal Life

When I’m not swept up in the whirlwind that is project consulting work and photography, I love the suburban family life in San Diego.  I absolutely love live music events and even more so love when I have a camera in my hand capturing the experience. I read multiple photography blogs, facebook pages and newsletters incessantly, flip through flickr pages daily all of which fuels my creativity.

Disclaimer: My opinions on this page are my own and not representative of any current or past employers. If you feel something is inaccurate, please contact me so I can correct it.


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